The truth you should kown about color-changing cups !!!

December 16, 2021

Color-changing cups are loved by people because they can show certain patterns when heated, and when not heated, these patterns are hidden, a feature that can be used normally as well as ordinary cups, and adds a color than ordinary cups.

 Definition of color changing cups

 Color changing cup, as the name suggests, is the cup will change color. There is a special layer of material on the surface of the cup, in the case of temperature changes or light changes, the color changes.

Now the market usually refers to the color changing cup "temperature sensitive color changing cup", when poured into the hot or cold drinks, the cup outside the surface pattern with the temperature change, showing another pattern or color, let people feel very magical, but also very interesting! So color changing cups some people also become "magic cup".

Color changing cups change temperature

Color changing materials are usually used in the temperature range of 7 degrees, 10 degrees, 17 degrees, 22 degrees, 27 degrees, 32 degrees, 35 degrees, 39 degrees, 43 degrees, 60 degrees. These temperatures refer to the critical value at room temperature, change to high temperature or change to low temperature, complete change or a temperature range.

 Classification of color changing cups

 1.color changing cups according to the temperature of color change, divided into cold color changing cup, hot color changing cup. General cold discoloration cup (cold cup) choose 7-17 degrees to do cold discoloration cup, below this temperature on the discoloration; and heat discoloration cup (hot drinks, hot coffee, hot water) generally choose 43 degrees change of discoloration material, above this temperature on the discoloration.

 2.color changing cups according to the cup material, divided into ceramic color changing cup, glass color changing cup, stainless steel color changing cup, plastic color changing cup. Of course, there are many classifications of the material of each cup tire, such as ceramic is divided into: new jade porcelain, high temperature high white porcelain, magnesium porcelain, ordinary white porcelain, color glaze, etc., the texture and price are different.

 3.color changing cups according to the different functions, divided into color changing music cup and color changing mystery cup, color changing coating cup (for heat transfer photo), color changing recording cup, color changing painted writing cup, color changing candle cup, etc..

 4.according to the different color change area, divided into half color change cup, full color change cup, full color change. Full color changing cup means that the entire outside of the cup can change color (including the handle). Color changing cup derived from a very large number of varieties, at this stage, the technology is stronger, more varieties, the process is comprehensive by the Guangzhou Changcheng Ceramics Co.

 Color changing principle of the color changing cup

 1.the color-changing cup basic principle: the color-changing cup is the reason why the color-changing cup, because the cup of color-changing paint inside a material: color-changing microcapsules, will produce color changes according to temperature changes, this color-changing microcapsules of color-changing materials generally known as color-changing powder: it consists of hidden color agent, coloring agent and sensitizer (desensitizer), when the temperature changes, the coloring agent release protons, hidden color agent will change color after absorbing electrons, of course This color-changing system must be in a special solvent environment in order to change color, these color-changing pigments are processed by wrapping technology to form color-changing microcapsules and color-changing powder before they can be put into normal use.

 2.for the applique screen printing process, color-changing cup color-changing principle: is a special layer of microcapsules color-changing material layer on the outside surface of the cup above the bottom pattern (cold state is dark, such as black, dark blue, coffee, etc. cover the pattern below), after heating water, hot coffee, this layer of microcapsules structure physical changes, from the cold dark state into transparent, so that the bottom picture below can slowly and magically appear. When the hot water becomes cold, the microcapsules change color and from the hot transparent state back into the cold dark state.

 3.for the heat transfer process, color changing cup color changing principle: the outside of the cup is wrapped with a layer of color changing coating containing color changing microcapsules, usually, the cup looks dark, such as black, blue, red, etc.; through the heat transfer baking, heat transfer ink seeped into the color changing coating and the formation of the pattern, the cooling situation, the outside looks dark color changing layer and figure ink formed by the mixture of dark color. After adding hot water, the microcapsule structure of the color-changing layer undergoes physical changes, from the dark state when cold to transparent, thus the image in the color-changing coating, slowly and very magically appear, when the hot water becomes cold, the microcapsule color-changing and from the transparent state when hot back to the dark state when cold. For insulation cup, color-changing cup principle and water transfer is similar, more than a sandwich, can be insulated.

 4.ceramic color changing cups and glass color changing cups are divided into hot color change, cold color change and water color change in three different ways. The temperature of the thermal color change is above 40 degrees Celsius, the color changes, the temperature of the cold color change cup is below 20 degrees Celsius when the color changes, water color change is not yet popular. The principle of color changing cup is: temperature-sensitive materials printed on the body of the cup, the materials used are heat-sensitive materials, high temperature resistance of 320 degrees Celsius, non-toxic, lead-free, chrome-free, all can meet European standards. The principle of color changing cups is based on the final solution designed in the software for film, plate making, printing, drying, baking, and then packaging!

 Due to technical breakthroughs, the current range of color changing cups is expanding: black, red, line color, green, blue, brown, purple, light blue, light yellow, light green, light red, light purple, including dot effect, can be designed into the color changing cup surface layer. But no matter how to say the current technical level or black color change cup for the mainstream, whether from the masking effect or color change effect or black color change cup technology is more mature, the best effect!

 Want to know whether the color change cup is toxic, first of all, we have to figure out the principle of color change cup color change. Color changing cup is a mug plus a layer of color changing layer. And the composition of the color change layer is mainly color changing pigments. Color change pigment is an organic substance, is through at least 300 degrees above the heat sublimation baked in the cup surface. In daily life, the temperature will not exceed 50 degrees.

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