Why is maté tea the national tea of Argentina?Something you should kown about yerba mate ! -yerba cup manufacturers

December 10, 2021
Why is maté tea the national tea of Argentina?Something you should kown about yerba mate ! -yerba cup manufacturers

China has a tradition of drinking tea since ancient times, and a culture like treating guests with tea is certainly no stranger to the Chinese. There are so many teas in China, like Longjing tea, Tieguanyin, Pu'er, Biluochun and so on, and even before I thought that the tea drinking habits of other regions were spread out from Asia, until I got to know Maté tea.


Maté tea is a culture unique to South America and is particularly prevalent in southern Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and other regions. Maté tea trees are usually 3-6 meters high, with snow-white tea flowers and bright green oval leaves. The treatment of maté tea leaves in the Americas is similar to that of Chinese tea, at first it was just dried, sorted and then brewed for drinking, and later on more roasting, fermentation and grinding processes were added, resulting in today's aromatic and thirst-quenching maté tea.


The finished maté tea is emerald green or light emerald green crumbly, the taste is very bitter at first, but after getting used to it, it does not feel bitter, and there is an aromatic, refreshing feeling, immediately refreshing and relieving, which is very similar to the Chinese bitter tea. Like Chinese tea, the shape of the slim and fatty different, tea texture veins and other characteristics have different places, the price of tea is naturally different.

Maté tea and coffee, tea (black tea, green tea, etc.) and known as the "world's three major tea". Maté tea is rich in vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium, dietary fiber and other nutritional elements required by the human body, and is the most comprehensive monocotyledonous plant with nutritional and health benefits discovered by mankind so far. The magical maté tea has the effect of refreshing the brain, improving sleep, regulating blood pressure, promoting gastrointestinal digestion, speeding up metabolism, etc. It is absolutely suitable for both young and old. It is said that because of the high nutritional value and health benefits of maté tea, many celebrities also use it to maintain their bodies.


Unlike Chinese tea drinking, maté tea cannot be steeped directly in boiling water, and even less so in a practice like boiling tea. The temperature of the steeping water is best at around 80 degrees Celsius, and it is usually steeped for 2-3 minutes before drinking. Steeping maté tea container is also very special, it is not like the Chinese teapot, but a gourd with a straw, the surface may be carved with characters, flowers and birds and so on. When the party brewed a pot of maté tea, everyone will drink tea with the same straw, while sucking and chatting.

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Why is maté tea the national tea of Argentina? There are two reasons: one is that Argentina itself produces maté tea; the second is that maté tea is a product subsidized and regulated by the Argentine government, and its market prosperity is guaranteed by the government. It is worth mentioning that the polyphenols in maté tea are higher than those in green tea and red wine. The most important function of polyphenols is antioxidant, antioxidant and to a certain extent anti-aging, so maté tea in Argentina is so popular is also reasonable.


Maté tea is not only a beverage, but also a pure and natural health drink. It contains proteins, carbohydrates, starch, vitamins C, B, B. and many other trace elements. Drinking maté tea can not only reduce fire and heat, eliminate fatigue, replenish energy and invigorate the spirit, but also some maté tea with some medicinal herbs, it becomes a sedative or anti-diarrheal medicinal tea.



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