Poor quality insulation cup affect health! Choose insulation cup what should pay attention to?

December 01, 2021
Poor quality insulation cup affect health! Choose insulation cup what should pay attention to?

We all know that stainless steel insulation cup can be insulated while keeping cold, but in the purchase of stainless steel insulation cup, most people focus on the insulation effect and will not leak these two things, often ignore the stainless steel insulation cup material and process, decided the insulation cup is not really able to let you drink healthy.

1. Identify the stainless steel insulation cup before deciding to buy

        Think the price is cheap, can be insulated on OK, but understand that you buy insulation cup material is more important to meet the safety standards.

201, 202 stainless steel: the most acid and alkali resistant poor quality material, these two materials are mostly used in construction materials. Sold in the market with many cheap but unknown insulation cups, are likely to use 201 or 202 stainless steel material, these two stainless steel heavy metal amount is not only 304 stainless steel more than 100 times, the amount of lead also seriously exceeds the standard.

304 stainless steel (18/8): internationally recognized food-grade stainless steel material, this stainless steel contains 18% chromium 8% of nickel, basically does not contain lead, stainless steel itself is good strength, heat and corrosion resistance, is absolutely safe stainless steel liner material, also in the most common brand insulation cup.

316 stainless steel (18/10): more medical material used in hospitals on medical equipment, the most secure but expensive stainless steel, due to cost considerations so rarely seen in the insulation cup using 316 material.

Buy stainless steel insulation cup, remember to buy the 300 stainless steel material Oh!

2. In addition to insulation cup cup body, cup cover and which material is the most secure use.

        Insulation cup cover is generally plastic material, which is the best material to belong to the PP material (triangle recycling logo written 5), its heat resistance up to 135 degrees, PP material surface is relatively smooth and easy to clean, this material will not release bisphenol A (BPA) and plasticizer.

3. In addition to choosing materials that meet safety standards, when buying insulation cups should also check the integrity of the cup body.

        Insulation bottle inside if there are scratches, or rust iron smell, it means that the state of insulation cup is not good, the use of scratch insulation cup will be a health hazard Oh! If the use of the period found during the obvious scratch, it is recommended that you should replace the insulation cup at this time!

        In addition, the choice of insulation cup to determine the cup body is one connected stainless steel material, if it is after welding, there will be a fine seam, not only easy to hide dirt, breeding bacteria, will also release the toxic substances of stainless steel, so check the insulation cup cup body integrity which is really very important!

4. Can insulated cups be used for milk, tea, coffee and other acidic beverages?

        As long as the insulation cups meet the safety standards, are able to be used for a variety of drinks. But the insulation cup can only keep the heat and cold, and can not keep the freshness of the drinks! Any acidic or alkaline drinks can be spoiled if left too long even if they are not kept in a thermos. Therefore, it is recommended that milk drinks need to drink within 2 hours, and coffee, tea need to drink within half a day to avoid spoilage Oh!In fact, as long as the use of insulation cup in line with the inspection standards, all edible beverages and will not cause corrosion to the insulation cup and harm to the human body, unless it is deliberately strong acidity (such as PH value less than 2, more than 10) of the liquid soaked in the insulation cup for several days, it is possible to release metal substances.So as long as the insulation cup to fill acid and alkali drinks, even if they meet the safety standards, remember to drink in a short time.

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