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How to place lunch box smell?[ 08-25 13:46 ]
Milk to taste Method ,After use, wash with detergent to clean, and then to lunch in the soup poured into the two key fresh milk, close the lid, shake, make boxes in every corner of contact with the milk, about a minute, and finally drained milk, the lunch box clean.
What used to pay attention before lunch box?[ 08-25 13:41 ]
the body should be checked before use standard nameplate rated voltage and whether you are using the voltage consistent.use a grounded power protection to ensure personal safety.
Lunch box how maintenance?[ 08-25 13:38 ]
after use, please unplug the power cord from the power outlet. the outer box cover, sub boxes and steaming rack accessories available detergent and sponge cleaning, do not use a hard wire cleaning, to avoid damaging the surface.
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