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Bottle to buy skills are there?[ 08-25 15:11 ]
On the market many varieties of stainless steel mug, the price difference is also great, on the part of consumers, do not understand its principles, often paid for buy desirable products. How to buy a high quality vacuum mug it?
Crafter mug teach you three strategies to identify the pros and cons[ 08-25 14:46 ]
Quality varies greatly mug on the market, the average consumer how to identify it? Insiders suggested that it should focus on its interior structure insulation properties, the degree of sealing lids and bottles, the material whether to release harmful substances, the specific identification by four strokes.
Crafter tells mug for your maintenance methods![ 08-25 14:38 ]
During use to avoid the collision and impact, so as not to damage the cup or plastic, causing insulation failure or leaks.
Crafter 108th CHINA IMPORT AND EXPORT FAIR(Canton Fair)[ 08-23 14:15 ]
China Import and Export Fair is also renowned as the Canton Fair. It is held biannually in Guangzhou every spring and autumn, with a history of 53 years since 1957.
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