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What used to pay attention before lunch box?

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lunch boxthe body should be checked before use standard nameplate rated voltage and whether you are using the voltage consistent.
lunch boxuse a grounded power protection to ensure personal safety.
lunch boxelectric boxes should be placed on a stable platform when in use, and placed in the child's reach.
lunch boxpress the power switch is not too hard to prevent damage to the power switch.
lunch boxDo not use this product does not heat the surface of carpets and nearby objects damaged due to steam not placed over the product. 
lunch box if the body appears dry conditions, please go to the hot plate, add water or unplug the power, this time not to touch the hot plate to prevent burns.
lunch boxwill produce a lot of steam when cooking food, steam coming out when you open body cover, be careful of steam burns. Food heating is completed, set the power switch is turned off, only to open the lunch box cover. 
lunch box the body with anti-dry protection function, that light is off, when after use, remember to hit the power switch off and unplug the power to ensure that the body stops working.
lunch boxDo not wash the body immersed in water or let the liquid into the body's interior, to avoid danger!

lunch boxif the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid dangerous and must be replaced by the manufacturer or its maintenance department or similarly qualified persons.