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How to place lunch box smell?

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lunch boxMilk to taste Method

After use, wash with detergent to clean, and then to lunch in the soup poured into the two key fresh milk, close the lid, shake, make boxes in every corner of contact with the milk, about a minute, and finally drained milk, the lunch box clean.

lunch boxOrange peel to taste Method

After use, wash with detergent to clean, then put fresh orange peel, such as lunch boxes, and close the lid, put about 3-4 hours can be.

lunch boxTo smell Methods

To remove the odor lunch box, you can use vinegar to clean, neutralize its odor. If you have time, you can place a cup of vinegar in the lunch box, cover and stand overnight, the smell of vinegar will absorb boxes. Or sprinkle some baking soda and let stand overnight, would also have the effect of eliminating the smell.