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Crafter mug teach you three strategies to identify the pros and cons

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Quality varies greatly mug on the market, the average consumer how to identify it? Insiders suggested that it should focus on its interior structure insulation properties, the degree of sealing lids and bottles, the material whether to release harmful substances, the specific identification by four strokes.

Trick a liner insulation mug identify which is the main technical indicators, the filled water, tighten the stopper or lid clockwise until 2 to 3 minutes after touching the cup and lower body appearance, if you find Cup body and cup warm body part has obvious phenomenon, then the liner has lost vacuum, can not achieve good insulation effect.

Trick two full glass of water to identify sealing performance inverted four, five minutes, tighten the lid, put the cup flat on the desktop, or forceful rejection of a few, such as no leakage, then good sealing performance; addition depends see lids and screwed cup is flexible, whether there is a gap.

Trick three parts to identify environmentally friendly environmentally friendly plastic parts also concern that can be identified by smell, if the cup is made ??of food grade plastic, the smell of small, bright surface, no glitches, long life not aging ; ordinary plastic or recycled plastic will smell great, color gray, glitches and more easily broken plastic easy to aging.